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1.acknowledgement of order

What is the order confirmation process?

Customer inquiry quotation order obtaining production order placing business approval production notice issuing inspection basic document preparation commodity inspection shipment

What is the MOQ?

Minimum two sets

Lead time of bulk cargo and bulk cargo?

Bulk cargo less than 50 sets are available, and bulk cargo generally does not exceed two months

What is the packing method?

We use foam inside and paper shell outside

What is the mode of transportation?

We have sea, air, rail and other transportation methods

What is the payment method?

T/t,Letter of credit,PayPal


How to guarantee the product quality and its cycle

Our products have a five-year warranty period, and a variety of life-long product services

What are the certificates?

We have production certificates, qualification certificates, product identification certificates, etc

How much traceability is there?

Each batch of products can be traced back to the supplier and production team according to the production date and batch number, so as to ensure that any production process is traceable and ensure the product quality from the source.

Is there a system wide solution?

We have a solution that can provide you with the whole system for free

Accept OEM and ODM??


3.R&D and production capacity

How about R&D capability?

There are 15 people in our R&D department, 8 of whom participated in large-scale customized bidding projects such as China Southern Power Grid. In addition, our company has established R&D cooperation with 18 universities and research institutions in China. Our flexible R&D mechanism and excellent strength can meet customer requirements.

What is the production process?

We have a strict product development process:

Product creativity and selection → product concept and evaluation → product definition and project plan → design, research and development →Product test and verification → put on the market

What are the quality control equipment and processes?

The quality control equipment includes the machine, rotating mechanism, fixture, CCD industrial camera, two axis manipulator, probe, code scanner, etc. The process is as follows: routine quality inspection according to SOP and SIP documents → MSA measurement → CTO identification → IPQC patrol inspection → cycletime and UPH monitoring and improvement

What is the annual capacity?


4.Supply chain

What are the brand partners of the cell?


Who are the inverter partners?


Who are the photovoltaic panel partners?

JA Solar、 Risen、Jinyuan Solar、longi、GCL

What is the supplier's standard?

We attach great importance to the quality, scale and reputation of suppliers. We firmly believe that long-term cooperation will bring long-term benefits to both sides.

5.Service team

What is a 24-hour Q&A email?

Supporting professional technical team guidance and after-sales service?

We have 24-hour customer service for you