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Koh Rong Samloem·Sihanoukville·Cambodian Pure Off-Grid Island PV-Diesel System

About project
·ESS Function:Provide power for island hotel's rooms and kitchen in a grid -free environment.Save high costs from diesel engine
·Cofig:PV 20KW&ESS 40KWH(2 systems)
·Daily power generation:85Kwh/day
·Equipment:Growatt/nRuiT HES

Maputo·Mozamboque Villas Backup Power System

About Project
·Function:Meet the daily electricity,power back up
·Cofig: PV 6.5kw&ESS 30KWh
·Daily power generation:30kWh/day
·Equipment:Growatt/nRuiT HES


Kampong Chhnang·Cambodian Farm Pure Off-Grid Optical Storage System

About project
·Function:guarantee imigation equipment and daily power consumpion
·Cofig:PV 6KW&ESS 10KWH
·Daily power generation:25kwh/day
·Equipment Growatt/nRuiT HES

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