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The Hebei provincial government formulated an implementation plan to accelerate the development of the clean energy equipment industry

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Government released a comprehensive implementation plan aimed at promoting the rapid development of the clean energy equipment industry. The plan includes measures to enhance the research capability of clean energy equipment technology, improve the competitiveness and quality of clean energy equipment products, strengthen market development and marketing, and promote the concentration of clean energy equipment industry. The goal of implementing this plan is to enhance the overall strength of the clean energy industry in Hebei Province, consolidate and enhance the national influence and status of Hebei Province, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the energy industry in the sustainable economic development.

With the gradual maturity and growth of the clean energy industry, the market’s growing demand for clean energy equipment cannot be ignored. As a leading clean energy equipment manufacturer,Longrun new ennergy has always adhered to the strategy of continuously developing innovative technologies, improving product quality, and enhancing competitiveness. As one of the leading wind power equipment manufacturers in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient, safe and stable clean energy equipment products and services. Longrun New Energy has high-level technical capabilities and accumulated experience in the production field. These basic advantages have laid a solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.

The release of the implementation plan of the Hebei Provincial Government will further promote the comprehensive and rapid development of the clean energy equipment industry, improve the overall level and technical content of the industry, and inject new vitality into economic development. This plan will not only benefit Hebei Province, but will also provide new impetus for the overall development of the national and even global clean energy equipment industry. Longrun New Energy will continue to adhere to innovative development, improve product quality, actively respond to policies, and contribute to the development of Hebei’s clean energy equipment industry.

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Post time: May-15-2023